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Iridium GO Satellite Phone Review
Iridium GO Satellite Phone Review Video Review Explorer Satellite Communications Iridium GO Quality **** Reliability **** Price/Value **** Referability **** Average Score-4 stars out of 5 Sign up for the weekly Monday Morning Must Have Videos here. http://mad.ly/signups/80597/join If you like to travel the globe for your next hunting or hiking adventure, it’s important to always be able to stay in contact with your loved ones and emergency responders. Explorer Satellite Communications has just released the new Iridium GO. This is unlike other satellite phones out there because the Iridium GO allows you use your current Smartphone as a satellite phone to make calls, send text messages, use twitter, and call for help in case of an emergency. The Iridium GO is made to travel and is jet-water resistant, shock and dust resistant and built to military specifications. It is lightweight and can easily fit into a pack. The Go can also fit on a tripod to keep it off the ground when using it. Before heading out on your trip make sure to download the free Iridium GO app for Apple or Android devices. To turn the unit on simply flip up the antenna while you are outside and then navigate through the app on your phone to make call or send messages. You will need to connect to the phone through your wifi settings before using. What I like about the GO is that it allows you to use your phone basically like you normally would. You can also check your voicemail on your phone to see if loved ones have contacted you. It allows you to make calls and send text messages easier than using other satellite phones. You can also keep social media up to date on what you are doing by using Twitter on the GO app. Another nice feature is that multiple phones can use the device so it can be shared while in camp. One minor drawback I see is that you now have two different devices you will need to keep charged besides just one phone. Iridium is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, air-ways and Polar Regions). So no matter where you are, you can reach your loved ones and they can reach you. There is also an online tracking feature where your whereabouts can be tracked. If you sign up for Global Rescue, there is an SOS button in the app or on the device you can hit if you are in real trouble. Hit the button and help is on the way. Global Rescue has several different service plans to buy starting at $119/week. The Iridium Go is listed right now with a sale price of $899.00 or it can be rented for $75/week or $250/month. Before you head out to the field you will also need to purchase minutes. Depending on the package you get the minutes aren't cheap, but you can also just pay by the minute if you know you won’t be making daily calls with it. Hopefully this will be an investment you won’t have to use in an emergency, but it’s nice to know that you can reach people and they can reach you. For more info on this product go to www.explorersatellite.com Quality: A very well made product that can handle your next hunting or hiking trip. Reliability: It's a product that I would be willing to bet my safety on. Price/Value: Expensive to buy but pretty cheap to rent. Referability: If you are going to be out of cell phone range, rent this device. It’s a cheap investment that could save your life.

Internet Basics : How to Connect to Satellite Internet
The first step to connecting to satellite Internet is to find the dual coaxial cables coming from the satellite dish are located. Get connected to satellite Internet with help from an IT consultant in this free video on satellite Internet. Expert: Christopher Noble Contact: www.doglikehorse.com Bio: Christopher Noble is an IT entrepreneur who was instrumental in building two successful IT companies. Filmmaker: Antonio Villagomez

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Satellite Internet Speed - Who's the Fastest Provider?
Click this link - http://bestsatellitereviews.com/dish-internet-review.html - for more information and to get special offers and the best price on dishNET. Satellite Internet Speed: This video shows you which satellite Internet provider has the highest satellite Internet speed and the best price for their service.

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VSAT Tutorial - 4/6 Antenna Installation - Satellite Internet Connectivity
http://vsatcband.skyvision.net/vsat-cband-kuband-lobby-youtube/ - The VSAT Installation Manual introduces you step-by-step to the technical requirements and practical applications of setting up an antenna and a VSAT-based satellite router to access the SkyVision satellite broadband service. Topics covered include the VSAT components, the process of site surveying, antenna installation and alignment, satellite router installation, troubleshooting, and the SkyVision Support Center Help Desk procedures.

How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection Broadband
http://www.pinoyblogchat.tk/2010/06/make-smartbro-faster-smartbro-speed-up.html Visit and read this article for full instructions and explanation, and know more about the following: DNS - Domain Name System IP - Internet Protocol How to find the best free open dns LAN - Local Area Network SmartBRO - Smart Broadband Philippines Usual speed of SmartBRO - 0.38 Mbps before this configuration.

How to Install a Wireless Router for Beginners : How to Install a Wireless Router for Beginners
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowtech A wireless router allows you to create and maintain a wireless Internet connection throughout your home. Find out how to install a wireless router for beginners with help from the celebrated columnist of Nerd Chick Adventures in this free video clip. Expert: Andrea Eldridge Contact: www.callnerds.com/andrea/ Bio: Andrea Eldridge is the celebrated columnist of Nerd Chick Adventures. Filmmaker: Richard Benton Series Description: Having a wireless network throughout your home has a variety of benefits over a traditional wired connection. Learn how to install a wireless router in your own home with help from the celebrated columnist of Nerd Chick Adventures in this free video series.

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Improve Wireless Signal / boosting wifi reception on laptop / Double Your Internet Speed for Free
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Unitymedia Horizon Erfahrungen nach 3 Monaten
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