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Emily Evans
Exede satellite internet rip off
This is a video review of exede satellite internet and their ruthless tacts to sign new 2 year contracts. ****UPDATED 6/19/2014**** After communicating with a customer rep yesterday, we have come to a compromise, exede has given me 2 free months as a way of trying to smooth things over. i knew they wouldn't give me what i really wanted which was to let me out of my contract without the penalty, b/c to do that would be to set a precedent and i doubt they are willing to part with that termination fee for the rest of their unhappy customers. this morning i received an email from exede asking me to take this video down because we had reached a compromise and there are quite a bit of negative comments. well this video is a review, a warning that i wish i'd had back before this began, this is not me telling you what to do, this is me wishing i had known better and googled reviews before going with exede. so it will stay up, for its original purpose of serving as a warning, not just about exede but about every contract you inter into, research reviews first so at least you will know what you're getting into. its nice that exede has given me the 2 months free in exchange for being misled, and horrible customer service, but it doesn't change what has already been done.

Satellite Internet Service ViaSat, Explornet rural dish installation
The options for high speed Internet in rural areas are severely limited. You may be able to get fixed wireless on a local tower or, as shown in this video, you can get a dish installed to connect to a satellite in outer space. This installation of the Xplornet service on the ViaSat-1 satellite is similar to services offered by Wild Blue and Exede in the United States. A similar satellite, the EchoStar 17 is used by HughesNet. I think they all provide 3, 5, and 10 Mbit/s download speeds to areas not service by high speed cable service providers. The download speed of this satellite service is quite variable, but it is also quite reliable. I often get downloads of 4.2 Mb/s on the 5 Mb/s service plan, but minutes later that can drop to 1.2 Mb/s and then jump to 6.2 Mb/s. Occasionally the service dies for a few seconds, but a refresh will get it going again. The latency is noticeable but not a problem. That applies to Skype as well. After using the service for several months, the download speed continues to be quite variable - great sometimes, terrible sometimes. However, I can't say it is a reliable service anymore. Several times a week, on average once a day, it dies for a couple of hours, then recovers. It doesn't seem to be weather related. When you call the help line they repeat the same message, "higher than normal call volumes" and "the black modem is experiencing temporary disruption in service". It works, but I wish it worked better.

David Boozer
EXEDE SATELLITE INTERNET SERVICE REVIEW | OUT IN THE BOONDOCKS? NEED A GOOD INTERNET SERVICE? http://davidboozer.com Here is my personal review of Exede Satellite Internet Service from ViaSat…a fast and very reliable internet service. Dream job working at home. Great family. I have truly been blessed. But, the dream home was the problem. See I work from home online and needed a good internet service, just like you. Living in the boondocks and need a great internet service? For some no, but for others like myself, it is extremely important to have a reliable and somewhat fast service, and the biggest worry or all, the RELIABILITY part! Well, I was also worried about the nay-sayers in some of those so-called reviews and posts…But, none of them turned out to be people who misunderstood the service I believe, and here is the proof. If you think satellite internet is a thing of the past, well, trying sharing a hub with a thousand neighbors on your fiber optic network…it sucks. And, while it is a little bit more than non-bundled crud, I can deal with that. So far, with the satellite..no issues. Will there be some? probably, there always is with man-made things. But, like I said, I am extremely pleased and everything thus far…well, impeccable. Oh, and if your technician is a day late, don’t give them a hard time…they travel over hills, mountains and valley’s every day to help people like you and me out. So, in review of the Exede Satellite Internet Service, I have to say this…PERFECT!, no matter how far out of the way you live…you can be connected. Read More Proof Here: http://davidboozer.com/exede-satellite-internet-service-review-out-in-the-boondocks-need-a-good-internet-service/

Viasat Internet
Exede Internet: Your Installation
A look at the installation process for Exede Internet.

Travel Jobs
How to Get the Internet Anywhere in the World!
http://www.RealVacationCareers.com One of the nice things about owning an internet business is the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world... anywhere you can find an internet connection. This was never more evident than during my last trip to Northern Canada. We were out in the middle of nowhere... no phone, no nothing.... and yet, we could get the internet! Special Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the banjo music!

Michael Morrow
Exede Satellite Internet Overview Video - High Speed Internet in Rural Area.
Viasatv Authorized Retailer: http://viasatv.com or Call VIASATV INC at: 1-855-488-7288 Trying to figure out if Exede Satellite Internet is the right for you? Our quick overview video will give you all the details about EXEDE High Speed Satellite Internet service. A super-fast Internet service delivered via satellite, Exede delivers great speeds and is available virtually anywhere. Exede Satellite Internet is beamed directly to your home at prices starting at just $49.99/mo. Click below to see all our plans and pricing options. http://viasatv.com/exede-internet-plans exede internet exede internet reviews exede internet overview exede internet customer reviews viasat exede internet satellite internet unlimited satellite internet satellite internet reviews portable satellite internet satellite internet for rv rural internet unlimited rural internet rural internet options rural high speed internet hughesnet wild blue rural internet providers high speed internet high speed internet providers high speed wireless internet high speed internet comparison dish high speed internet high speed internet speed test high speed internet test local internet providers local high speed internet providers local internet service providers local broadband internet providers find local internet providers best internet providers fastest internet providers best satellite internet providers Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL7bwuTSuT4 You may like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6el6eXqD3FA VIASATV INC. 2013

Internet par satellite skaelec tooway
Internet par Satellite arrivent au Maroc et disponible chez SKAELEC. Nous offrons internet par satellite partout au Maroc à haute débit jusqu'à 20 mbps pour particulier et professionnel. Plus d'informations,, contactez-nous sur : GSM : +212 666 127 078 E-mail : [email protected] Site web : http://www.skaelec.com

Viasat Internet
Working from home with Exede high-speed internet
In rural Ohio, an Exede Satellite Internet customer relies on the service to work from home and to keep his family connected.

EXEDE VIASAT STAT SATELLITE know the quality of your install 817 719 8019
I said Crimp On But meant Compression . Stay away from Crimp on connections. Over the years we have used them all. Crimps will not even pass a QI on Exede. 817 719 8019 Send me Pic's And I will tell you if you have a good install or not. Know the quality of install.. Is your installer using quality solid copper cable, how about Hi Freq ground blocks. Did you know if he does not. You loose a great internet service? And all the inferior parts cause your parts to burn out? Insist on great stuff and you will get great service. If your installer does not have these items with him. RUN HIM OFF YOUR PROPERTY. We currently have Dealer Installers called SI's The best guys IMHO. They have to live in your town or nearest you :}. We have Wanna Be's like DISH or DTV that install TV with the service and want to live across the country for service calls many times. And you will end up with any of their employees handling a service call. Which there should not be any if installed correctly. But things happen. Then we have the SALES only folks. BEWARE..... They seem to say anything to make a sale and have been caught by multiple dealers not referring calls to local dealers. Local Dealers have silently decided to fight this via TAPED TEST CALLS...Ask for a LOCAL DEALER. Benefit your town not everywhere else. You will be glad you did... Don't call an 800 number you get all available discounts LOCALLY.